About Me

I’m a teacher. I mold young minds to think independently. Or, at the very least, to think more like I do.

I’m a kid at heart. I love living with reckless abandon. Until I get the bill, of course.

I’m a terrible driver. But I’ll never admit it.

I’m a big sister. So you’d better not try to steal my things.

I'm a Patriots fan. And I could… go… all…the… way…until I lose in the first round.

I’m a wife. So don’t even try to pick me up.

I’m a foodie. There’s no greater place in the world than a Farmer’s Market on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m a lover of all things living. Except spiders that jump, they can all die.

I’m an artist. What is art? Are we art? Is art art?

I’m a responsible pet owner. Any other way is inconsiderate and uncivilized.

I’m a Christian. I cherish my relationship with God.

I’m a liver. And by that I mean I love life, I’m not the organ that cleanses your body of toxins.

I’m an optimist. Except when I’m in traffic, or when the Red Sox are down by more than 4.

I’m a medical wonder. We don’t have enough time.

I’m an old soul. I let my Soul Glo.

I love the ocean, I love my Dog, I love my husband, I love my life.